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Rothman's female perspective, along with her technical skills, enabled her to raise Nurses a notch above standard drive-in fare. Nurses, etc. The bulk of the festival is composed of programs of thematically grouped short films — mostly documentaries and experimental works. The fumbling production rubs me the wrong way. Naturally, I didn't expect the play to be exactly like, or even as good as, the film, and probably no one else does, either.

Robinson — played here by a certified star, Jerry Hall, certainly one of the firmer sets of legs onstage. A satire that worked by engaging our intelligence ends up as a parody that tries to bludgeon it. Through no fault of Ms, Hall and her suitably sultry, predatory Mrs. By shifting the center of the story in the direction of Mrs.

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Robinson, the safety of family melodrama is effectively substituted for a darkly comic satire of all institutional authority from the family on up. For instance, we get a drunken heart- to-heart between Mrs. Instead, our heroes derive supreme pleasure from retreating into bed like playful siblings with a box of Froot Loops, Forced to grow up too fast, Ben and Elaine reclaim their childhood.

But far from being an indictment of society, their dilemma never seems to stretch much beyond the front lawn. By this reckoning Ben and Elaine are indeed entitled to several more years of childhood. The final scene in the film worked in part because of the ambiguity it allowed. Who knew what would happen to them now that they had turned instinctually and irrevocably on the only world they had ever known? Interestingly, in the stage version we only ever hear the opening guitar riff to the song, never the words.

The play closes instead on the romantic and upbeat opening stanza of Simon and Garfunkefs "America," America indeed. Curran Theatre?

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Coo, coo, ca-choo: Mrs. A service charge is milled to cadi tickel price Visa.

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  • MC accepted Disabled scaling available al alt ticket centers. Hovering above his skateboard on crutches Shannon combines breakdancing, freestyle movement and video in a performance that defies gravity and is rooted in urban street kinetics, silt Liminal Lmes Sept 15, 7 pm, 8 pm. Moving images, shadows, objects and sounds blur the boundaries between rest and projected live and recorded, Lawrence Goldhuber Goldhubris Sept 12 and Lawrence Goldhuber wanders through a terrain both real and imaginary using sound, spoken word, movement and film projection by David Brooks.

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    Peripheral Produce has treated Portland lo unique, experimental and underground film and video shorts. Ros Warby Swift Sept 16 arid 17, 8pm Multiple 16mm projections shine and flutter while live electric and acoustic cellos incite Ros Warby to- tell the stonjr of a transformation with eleganl. It felt good just rolling off the tongue. Newton, their sons and daughters jammed enormous speakers into the trunks of big, old gas guzzlers to deliver their own generationally adjusted version.

    People got it, too, like it or not — when a subsonic boom rolled down the street, rattled the windows, drowned out the TV, and thumped you in the gut, that was Too Short calling from East Oakland. He was telling stories a lot of people hadn't heard before. Big things That was 15 years ago; today Too Short Is a wealthy Atlanta resident who has already retired once and is no longer is driven by the same fires he once was. Freddie B and myself would pass through and hang out. And one day we were just rapping, and Hot Lips was likeTm really not interested in what you're doing.

    But if you had my name in the shit, then I'd play it.

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    The support from 75 Girls and Bohannon was helpful, no doubt, but In the long run, the river ran just one way. Born to Mack was reissued and became a gold record. When Too Short came along he was like a young Blowfly, teHin' stories about the town. Too Short tells the tale. And though it's a stretch to say he is worried about his legacy, there's no doubt Too Short has been paying attention. Punk knew it was getting old when it made the choice between going out and getting some sleep.

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    In its darker moments, punk considers Botox. Funny then, when I checked in on my old friend, that I discovered it's more a part of the pop mainstream than ever. As recently as two years ago, on "In My Head" off T. This is the only chance for a fringe candidate to step into the position of governor. It may seem funny, but it's not going to be funny when registering your car costs 10 times the amount your car costs. Or when health insurance won't pay for your wife's mammogram.

    And though his label is mad at him for not talking about T. I had my band [Vom, whose recordings were recently Included In a spoken word release with Guided by Voices' Robert Pollard] in '77, and we did some shows. But seeing all these bands do h — It was not really rock V roll, as such.

    It was something else. Perhaps it offers an outlet for rage, that feeling of frustration with a government that ignores them. They don't set out to imitate the Clash, vocalist-guitarist Jack Dalrymple said. The Pistols, the Clash, Minor Threat, Black Flag, and dozens of other punks were worlds away, mostly accessible only by hard-to-find imports on my podunk isle. Jonesy's female counterpart, Brooke, did her damnedest to imitate Sue Catwoman with her flippy Norma Kamali skirts and spiky hair, but she eventually got expelled for talking back to teachers and trashing the girls bathroom.

    Still reeling from those years and obsessed by the Clash, I started Hawaii's first all-girl punk band. And now I'm getting the bright idea that ids time to get that old group back together again!

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    Rock was something that was most interesting when it was about process, and it wasn't about maintaining your foothold on a static piece of land. What are you going to do when fissures develop under your feet? So you turn to the Sex Pistols, who busted up before they could have truly cashed in — perhaps making them the purest of the lot. When the Clash let you down with lousy songs, when the Buzzcocks got too monotonous, when Elvis Costello lost you in the musical chairs of his genre jumping, the Pistols remained untouchable—because they had left the building long ago.

    Grip and grin: T. L vocalist Jack Grisham works the sandy campaign trail.

    6bad witasdyapdf.duckdns.org 19 Rutti Berg, die Bäuerin, wär so gerne Königin by Sybille Hein

    Real deal So I was pleasantly surprised by a prickly but amiable John Lydon, a. He's still one of the fastest wits in the West and is just as quick to get a Mohawk when you venture that his band might actually be part of the establishment he despises.

    W I have no qualms about playing for the troops, but in their own country or maybe after I play for the population, because nobody's entertaining them, and don't you think they need it? I take on governments and institutions, not plastic upholstery. Being in band is like a sick marriage. The loyalties come out onstage. Lick my decals off, baby, and dig into a Captain Beefheart revival, thanks to a recent tribute album and a Magic Band reunion release. Don Van Vlict, aJca. Captain Beefheart, is one of these mythical characters, and the story behind his album.

    You can read more about this whole process in the liner notes to theOcnv Fins, Vol, 2: Trout Mask House Sessions box set released by Xeric a few years ago. But there are other groups with a little more or less? Back to the band Far more consistent is the recent, French-led Magic Band reunion release, Back to the From ATP , which is way better than you'd ever expect, coming from a bunch of and plus rockers. The big surprise is the vocals, done by French m a dead-on Beefheart impersonation that must be heard to be believed.

    Besides, Trout Mask hasn't endured because of novelty. Novelty fades. Sure, it would be great to have a reissue of Lick My Decals Off, Baby or an official release of the original Bat Chain Ptiller album, which is still tied up in post-legal-case limbo in the Zappa family's vaults.

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    But until then. Come Home! Grumpy combines the driving tank inabilities nr Galactic wttb ttw Irlp-iajy mandknpas el Mcdciki. Ayro-maniac Jeremy Ellis sets Detroit, and the world, on fire. In the space of six minutes t Ellis manages to channel the rich musical history of Detroit and forge his own sound, one that is at once full of the future and timeless.

    The song stopped me dead in my tracks and sent me in search of more from Mr. Despite the intricate, broken beats, Ellis's firm grasp of melody and structure keeps the music song based, rather than simply dance-floor oriented. But as it turns out, his full-length, Eketromdovefimk, due out this month, was not to be had, even though it had apparently been finished for a minute. He originally got involved with Omoa through Matt Chicoine, a. Instrumental In Detroit To call the Detroit scene incestuous might be an overstatement, but there definitely is plenty of cross-fertilization going on. Ellis Is used to musical cohabitation and collaboration.

    In a genre dominated by DJs, Ellis stands out as a remarkably talented muliLmstrumen- talist. At M ilk this week he won't be doing the usual producer appearance consisting of a DJ s e t h iglilighting his own records — h e'f 1 be rocking it live. Plus he adds his trademark soulful vocals — live, of course — to some tracks on the fly.