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But with problems so vast, it can be hard to imagine how individuals can help. From far-flung grassroots NGOs working in the field, to Jewish advocates for food justice lobbying on Capitol Hill, she described the transformative impact of education, volunteering and advocacy, and proposed new ways people can support movements for change around the world. Leah Silver '12 observed, "Ruth reminds us that although what we see, hear, and experience about the world today can be devastating and overwhelming, we must push ourselves not to 'retreat to the convenience of being overwhelmed. She is one reason I care so much about service-learning and why I got involved with tutoring Brandeis workers in the English Language Learning initiative, and later coordinating the ELL initiative, when I got to Brandeis.

Read the article here. The Hoot article is here. Live from Essen, Germany in English : A video conference and panel discussion was held about the topic of climate change as an issue of social justice. It featured Dr.

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Interestingly, France and Germany differ sharply in their use of nuclear power to reduce reliance upon fossil fuels. Susan P. Curnan, director of the CYC, and study leader for many summer youth initiatives, said the program is based on a strong partnership approach involving leaders in at-risk communities, Brandeis and Walmart. Over the long-term, youth who participate in year-round programs or multiple summer experiences can improve educational outcomes, are less likely to drop out, have less difficulty getting and keeping jobs after completing their education and have higher lifelong earnings than those who do not.

They will also receive intensive job coaching and mentoring.

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The case of Donald Hindley at Brandeis is not going away anytime soon. Brandeis University seems to be moving even farther away from any notion of guaranteeing free expression on its campus. In the wake of a breakdown in faculty—administration relations over the case of Brandeis professor Donald Hindley, Brandeis has hired an attorney whose principal work involves defending universities against lawsuits and claims in areas such as… Read more. We began placing ads on the Facebook pages of Brandeis students and alumni, alerting them to the unfortunate case of Professor Donald Hindley, who was found guilty of racial harassment after he critiqued the use of… Read more.

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Last Friday, Alison Channon, News Editor for The Brandeis Hoot at Brandeis University, wrote an update on the case of Donald Hindley, the professor who was found guilty of racial harassment and had a monitor placed in his classroom after he critiqued the term "wetbacks" in class. News and World Report, is a list of the "worst of the worst" when it comes… Read more. Students should think twice… Read more. He was never… Read more. He is a FIRE summer intern. To be honest, I was caught off guard on that first day of class.

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I was offended, and for a moment, I considered whether it was going to be beneficial for me—academically or spiritually—to remain in… Read more. FIRE Vice President Robert Shibley has written a noteworthy article on the wider implications of the Brandeis University faculty revolt against its own administration in the case of professor Donald Hindley. Our annual Muzzle Awards survey scours all six New England states for free-speech violations.

But it always causes the judges special pains when we find such cases at institutions of higher learning, which, in theory, are supposed to be the freest places in our society.

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In reality, however, college campuses are home to some of… Read more. I reported on Monday that the Brandeis University faculty continues to stand up for its academic freedom and due process rights against Provost Marty Krauss in the wake of her disastrous handling of the case of Professor Donald Hindley, who was declared guilty of racial harassment and had a monitor placed in his classes after… Read more. Why are students demonstrating at about 6pm today at Brandeis University?

Today is apparently Accepted Students Day at Brandeis. Potential students should know that Brandeis has so badly violated principles of free expression that FIRE has put Brandeis on our Red Alert list, reserved for the worst offenders among colleges and universities in the country….

The recently published minutes of the March 13, , meeting of the Brandeis University Faculty Senate show continuing animosity against Provost Marty Krauss over issues relating to the case of Professor Donald Hindley. All too often, it takes someone getting into serious trouble before discussions about free speech arise on a college campus.

Because Brandeis University has been involved in a string of free speech incidents—most recently Professor Donald Hindley being found guilty of alleged harassment for protected speech—one of the student newspapers, The Hoot, has attempted to… Read more. The minutes of the Brandeis University Faculty Senate meeting last week show many serious steps that the faculty are taking in response to the mistreatment of professor Donald Hindley by Brandeis administrators such as Provost Marty Krauss—and in the absence of any action on the part of the administration.

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The Senate discussion focused heavily on… Read more. The letter addresses the misrepresentations of the case by Provost Marty Krauss, the sharp… Read more. Does something seem oddly familiar about the case of Donald Hindley at Brandeis? I… Read more. This morning, Brandeis Provost Marty Krauss sent Brandeis faculty a letter defending the indefensible investigation and punishment of longtime professor Donald Hindley for his classroom speech. In addition,… Read more.

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Donald Hindley at Brandeis University as well as similar situations across the nation. Rea and Shibley are also planning to take phone calls,… Read more. A new battle has commenced in the war over suppression of free speech and due process at Brandeis, the institution named ironically and inappropriately, it would seem after the late Supreme Court Justice and champion of individual liberty.

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As my colleague Wendy Kaminer wrote in this space on Wednesday, the school opened an investigation into… Read more. Professor Donald Hindley, a nearly year veteran of teaching, has neither been granted a formal hearing by Brandeis nor provided… Read more. Every private college is different, more or less, so I would hesitate to give specific advice to students who want to craft such a document at their college. But since December… Read more. A controversy arose recently at Brandeis University involving Gravity, a student-run humor magazine entering its seventeenth year on campus.

Israeli—Palestinian art is the subject of more controversy this week, this time at Brandeis University.

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The… Read more. School Spotlight. Brandeis University Location: Waltham, Massachusetts. Type: Private. Take Action Tell Brandeis University to revise its speech policies by filling out this form. Speech Code Rating. Brandeis University has been given the speech code rating Yellow. Yellow light colleges and universities are those institutions with at least one ambiguous policy that too easily encourages administrative abuse and arbitrary application.

This school has adopted the chicago statement for free speech. Non-Sexual Misconduct Read more. Material that is explicitly sexual or offensive may not be displayed, consistent with the Brandeis University Policy Statement on Non- Discrimination and Harassment see section 3.