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Great hub! Bill- Thanks for the visit. This chateau is beautiful, and you can even stroll the grounds via an iPod audio tour while there. When you go and I do hope you make it there some day soon allow.

Château de Chenonceau embroidery - First Part

We crammed so many chateaux into one excursion I think we may have missed some of the subtler splendor. All the reason to return! And Ms. Hi Flourish. You are paving the way for my visit to France someday. Wonderful job with the history of the Chateau de Chenonceau. Amazing history and love the connection to the Medici family of Italy. Voted up, shared, etc Beautiful photos.

Leslie - Thank you for the vote and for reading and commenting. I especially loved that there were heroines involved.

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The world needs more heroines. Great Hub. Voted up and beautiful. I love reading about historic places like this. Awesome photos : I look forward to reading more. Deeda - I know I was in the same type of classes that you were. Blink, blink. There's so much more to know about Diane. She was quite a character. I agree that the gardens are fabulous. Thank you for reading my hub. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Do I have to admit being a blinker? But fiery tales of royal mistresses, revenge, and heroines - not the order of the day!

Wouldn't that be interesting? UNicQue - So happy you enjoyed the little history lesson with the ladies of Chenonceau. Oooo, la la, those gals were quite a bunch. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

A Castle Brought to Its Full Splendor by Prominent Women

Thanks so much for stopping by! What a great hub, FlourishAnyway! I think this is one of the prettiest castle because of it's originality! I loved your history lesson! I learned a lot! Thank you also for sharing your beautiful pictures! This is a great hub! Not only the subject, but your writing is so casual and witty. It was fun and informative to read :. I, too, think Diane was awesome.

What a charming, cunning lady she must have been. I imagine probably planted the idea somehow in Henry's mind to tax people who rang the church bells and give the taxes to her as subsidy for her beautiful castle.

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  • What a diva. For different reasons, I like Catherine the evil queen, too, and -- oh I like them all! Thanks again for the visit, bravewarrior. I, too must have blinked because this hub and it's content is complete news to me! And what wonderful news. You did a splendid job of researching and presenting the information surrounding the history of Chateau de Chenonceau.

    I think I have a soft spot for Diane, even if she was a mistress all those years. That was common back then, I think.

    I also have respect for Louise Dupin for restoring the chateau to the state it was when Diane was in residence. Of course, kudos certainly go to Simone for helping people escape the wrath of the Nazis. This must have been an exciting journey for you FlourishAnyway. I could spend hours exploring the chateau and gardens. Everyone cheated on everyone! This is awesomely fascinating! I, too must have blinked in school because this hub is the first I've heard of any of this. I could spend hours touring the property and castle.

    Catherine de Medici - Jay and Matt

    How fortunate that you had the opportunity! I think my favorite ladies of the castle are Diane, for the part she played in the King's life and the life of the grand abode, and Louise Dupin for restoring the property to commemorate Diane. Then, of course there's Simone who used the property to help those who were able to flee the Nazi influence.

    Diane de Poitier, Poisoned by Vanity

    This is better than watching a soap opera on a murder mystery on tv : Thanks for sharing!! You know, it's all about us, hehe. Now we're caught up a little on the French at least! Thanks for reading and commenting. Rose - Thank you for reading and viewing the photos. It was an enthralling place fit for a queen Flourishanyway, I think I would have also blinked at the history class.

    Frankly speaking, I did not that a ladies' castle existed in France, the country known for womanizing. My earlier skipped history lessons are now complemented by your beautiful hub. Thx for sharing this, voted up! Just beautiful!

    Diane de Poitiers - Moon Mistress and Woman of Influence | The Culture Concept Circle

    The images are spectacular! I really miss France. Thank you for sharing.